The D.C. Climate March, or “Why I hate chanting”

  My biggest problem with marches and protests is the chanting. I struggle with chanting; it probably comes from growing up in the American south where chanting usually meant mandatory football and church events that I wasn't quite sold on, but I won't get into that here. Anyways, flash back five years to Fall 2011, when tiny college… Continue reading The D.C. Climate March, or “Why I hate chanting”


Nathanael Friday

"I think there are definitely ways you can tie music and literature to science, but I think for me it's about balance, and being a more rounded person. Being able to go between those two largely disconnected worlds, outside to inside, abstract thought to specific data. I also have an interest in fiddling around and… Continue reading Nathanael Friday


Krystyna Oszkinis "I really feel like 'children are the future': changing lifestyle patterns of adults is a little unrealistic and impossible these days, but giving kids experiences in nature, building and doing things themselves allows them to value more nature-based lifestyles and have the confidence and creativity to break from the status quo more and that's… Continue reading Krystyna Oszkinis


Katie Williamson "Sustainable communities are both socially and environmentally sustainable, but they're also resilient. It's a place where people can grow and be appreciated for who they are, but also share that with other people, and support other people at the human level. And there's also an inherent appreciation for how natural resources can enhance communities… Continue reading Katie Williamson


Matt Ayres

"I think a good first step, and we're making good progress, is for more people to have an increased appreciation for how humans and their natural environment: forests and agricultural systems and marine systems, and the atmosphere of planet earth, all interact with each other. We've always known that the climate influences us. It's a new realization that we influence the climate"


Britt Pendergrast (Part 1) "I simply wrote a letter to Jimmy Carter saying 'I have left my career as a manufacturer, where I was a small-time despoiler of the environment. I've read about your great work in the environment, in blocking the Army Corps of Engineers' channelization program of our streams in Georgia, and I would like to… Continue reading Britt Pendergrast (Part 1)


Caroline James One of the things that's been most difficult to reconcile about myself is that I'm more of a sustainability subversive than anything. And what that means for me is that I would probably not be doing environmental work. at least for a while, in the non-profit sector or in an activist-y way, but rather… Continue reading Caroline James